Living our lives to the fullest

Becoming the better part of you is what will elevate you in your journey. We are living in the world of illusion. Why not become authentic, going on the quest to discover what we are truly made of instead of wearing a mask?

Nothing is more precious than our spirit, this is the connection with the universe. This is what sets us apart from a world of unhappiness! Living a thousand lives helps us to discover our true life.

I have reinvented myself along my journey, learning to mature along the way, smiling at the universe when I was on the top of the mountain. But also receiving unconditional love. It is amazing when you are looking back how far you have gone.

We have the potential to do greatness when we are focused on our life purpose. Choosing our path is a free will the universe gave us. It is a privilege to be able to do it. We do not have to be born with a silver spoon in our mouth to realized our full potential.

Coming from nothing helps me to stay grounded but also never deterred me from what I had to faced to get where I need to be. Becoming the better part of me has surpassed by far the pain and sorrow I had to go through.

We are all capable of love, why not start today? Transformation is part of our journey, we are maturing and evolving every day. Why not start to embrace what your spirit is trying to tell you?

The calling is not too far, even if your life purpose has not been revealed yet. Continue your journey, have faith, it will in due time.

I had no idea how my life would be changing but after many turns it finally happened. I have no regrets, instead I am enjoying life to the fullest. Wishing you the same!