The anti-robot’s movement

The choices we are making are impacting us, why not look at how we are behaving. What are our triggers? What really upsets us? What makes us laugh? What are we scared of?

We can be inspired to help the world, but sometimes the pressure of the ego world can be too much to handle. We are our own spirit; we do not need to comply of become something we are not.

It is hard when we are in the corporate world to be our true self when everyone around us is a fake! We might be afraid to say what is needed to help a company because we are feeling the pressure of others to keep quiet.

Does this sound familiar? I have never backed down when I knew it was right for the company. But it never made me popular either. I had to spend my time wearing a nice pink bulletproof jacket because people would try to aim at me.

I wasn’t part of their flock because I was helping the company not promoting someone who knew nothing. I knew what I was doing and still wasn’t afraid to roll up my sleeves to make it right. But when the flow of negativity was too strong, I had to find a way to stay grounded.

It was a crazy time, but it taught me what true leadership is. Not thinking about my ego but letting my spirit free to see what the right thing was to do. The pain from those experiences stressed me out and tended to bring me down because my battles were all up hill, But in  the long run the knowledge I acquired did pay off and eventually with the help of the universe these times of stress and depression subsided and I was able to move to my higher ground.

Why not become the better part of you, doing what is right instead of being one of the many robots? Most company do not want their employees to think, instead they want the “yes and no” employee.

Is this something that truly fulfills you at the end of the day?