I am free

Letting my hair loose in the breeze, closing my eyes to listen to the world. Feeling free of everything, I am pausing for a moment to enjoy my happiness. When living in the fast lane we might not be able to see what we have accomplished so far.

Focusing on what to do next, instead I decided to stop for a moment to smell the flower scents all around me. I am starting to ground myself. Not feeling in a rush anymore but instead bringing back all the pieces of me that were scattered in the universe.

We can do so much more to improve our outer condition when we are focusing back on our intention. It is not a rat race where we have to try to pass someone else, worried we are not going to archive our goals. But instead focusing on our journey, on each step we are taking.

What is meant to be ours will still be ours at the end of the day if we are keeping our eyes on the goals. Not worrying about tomorrow or how it will all work out. The magic of the universe will help us along the way.

We just need to step back and let it happen, learning to trust the process. Not easy for the doer and shakers but this will help us to open the doors to infinite possibilities. Nothing is impossible, we need to keep on moving to make it happened.

Setbacks are not a failure but a moment to step back and see where the door is for us to walk through. We also might need to course correct our path to finally get on the right one. Opportunities are always around us, why not step into the unknown and start the amazing journey to discover the better part of us?