The world of social media

Our choices in our lives can be driven by our ego or our spirit. We can, at any given time, chose to do something based on our outer condition or our heart’s desire. We have the free will to do so. But what we need to look at is what is driving us to make those changes?

Is it because you are in competition against someone for a job that might or might not be for you? Do you feel that if you are not being given any attention no one cares about you? Do you think doing something wrong will make you more popular? Like recording yourself eating something from a store and putting it back on the shelves? Or hurting an animal just to get more likes?

In this time and age people are living too much via social media, thinking if I do not reach my 10K followers I am nobody! Well, those people are not actually your inner circle. They do not know you, instead you are giving your powers away by acting with your ego. You are not only hurting people or animals but also in the long run yourself.

When you are posting something on social media it stays forever! Imagine you are doing something that is not for your highest good and the highest good of everyone. You are posting it online thinking it was fun. Let’s fast forward a year, you are looking to apply for a job that you are excited to land. During the interview process that video of you shows up and does not contribute in any way for you to be hired but is detrimental for you to be hired or going to the next stage of your interview.

A company would not want to be associated with you. As much as you are changing and evolving those mistakes will be constant reminders. Trying to plead your case during a job interview will be difficult and when you have other individuals that are equally qualified to do the job, with no social media “baggage” around their neck, you will be shown the door. 

If you are looking to have a sense of belonging do it for the right reason, by listening to your spirit. When you are feeling hurt or feeling you have to do something outrageous just to get noticed, it is not coming from your spirit.

So, words to the wise, before posting something on any social media, think twice, when this is posted you cannot take it back!