Reaching our holy ground

Dreaming of a better life leads us to a life of magic. Learning to co-create with the universe is what is guiding us to release our spirit. We do not have to become what the illusional world wants us to become.  But instead to walk on a journey of discovery.

Life has much more to offer when we are connected with the universe. The richness’s of the universe will be ours when we learn to co-create. We do not have to become our outer condition. Instead, by walking into uncharted territory we are creating our own path.

Every decision we are making has an impact on us and our surroundings. When my father decided to stop making the payments for our house loan, it triggered a set of events that resulted in us losing our house, but also split our family. As we are moving through lives, we might not realize how much we can impact our loved ones.

From a selfish decision guided by our ego or a compassionate gesture led by our spirit, we are impacting our surroundings. If you are in a place where you are letting your ego guide you, you might want to think twice before making a decision. Remember if this is not for your highest good it will not come to fruition or you might obtain what you want for a moment and the next moment it will vanish.  Always, be careful what you wish for you, you might get it.  

Why not step out of the illusional world? take the time to discover who you truly are and what you are inspired to do? No one has the same path; but we can walk side by side and inspire each other along our journey. But our journey is unique, why not start today and become the better part of who we are?

Fulfilling lives is based on living our dreams. Waking up every morning, a smile on our face and be grateful for what we have. Willing to take the leap of faith that brings us to our holy ground!