We cannot do it alone

We can live our lives ignoring the universe or we can embrace it. We have our own free will, even if we are feeling alone in this world. We are being surrounded by the universe, ready to help when we are ready to ask for help.

We do not have to do anything special; we just have to speak with an open heart. The universe cannot help us if we do not ask them. Because of our own free will they cannot interfere with our lives.

Why should we walk on our path alone when we can do it with their support? Often people have decided to go alone on their journey only to realized afterwards, it would have been an easier ride if they only asked for help.

We were left to figure out how to get out of the situations we were in. I chose to partner with the universe, letting my imagination guide me. It was a wild ride with nothing in sight, feeling pretty much trapped in the world that wasn’t mine.

Decisions were made on my behalf without my consent. Living the consequences of other’s mistakes, feeling the harsh reality of the world. kindness wasn’t part of our daily lives. We had to fight for everything.

Not an easy journey but how many millions of people are doing it? We had little reprieve in our quest but not knowing what would come at the end made it even worst. Sometimes we have to fight our way, but the universe is not blind, instead it will reward us beyond our wildest dream.

Where I am today is nothing more than a miracle guided by the fertile imagination of a warrior spirit. Believing in myself despite of my outer conditions, and having many people try to stop me along my journey. It is an inspirational moment when you finally reach your holy ground.

The past is gone, becoming only a faded memory which truly doesn’t matter now. Creating an even brighter future, that is what I am looking to achieve. It is time to move forward