My elevation

Living in the moment is what we are supposed to be doing. trying to plan for the future can be difficult when we are trying to control the how instead of letting the universe work its magic! I have learned by trying to project myself in the future that nothing will be happening until I am living in the moment.

Regardless of how bad it was, I had to go through it and start to embody the feeling I wanted to experience next. It was hard not want to project myself into the future instead of being present in my life. Creating in the present helped me to create my future. Without that I had nothing but pain and sorrow.

Living in the moment made me grounded, present in my life and the life of my loved ones. Exploring all the possibilities the universe had to offer. Nothing would ever be the same when I started to practice that.

We can create our future by actually dreaming in the present tense. Using a vision board is a solution for us to keep on dreaming but also listening to our spirit prior to adding anything on the vision board.

Embracing every single part of my life, I have not regretted my life. I have learned to course correct my path. I have not felt like a thorn, instead, by embracing myself I have learned to elevate myself.

I have become the master painter, applying each color as I see fit. Not feeling I belonged but instead connected to the world. Changing and maturing at the pace that was needed for me to reach my holy ground.

I am inspired by the world; I am not in competition with anyone, but I have reached my peace of mind. I am in my journey of creation; I have become the magician, the alchemist that was dormant.