Chasing butterflies

Chasing our dreams, it’s like chasing butterflies, we are running in a field, looking at the one we would love to catch in our hands. Feeling the universe by our side we have a better chance to not only catch one but multiples.

Having learned to co-create at a younger age by using my imagination. I have plowed through the obstacles that where standing in front of me. Becoming unsinkable determined to create a better life for me.

But also, I had to learn to stop to dramatized situations, each time I started to lose myself into the world of drama, I had to teach myself to step back and infuse my mind with positivity. Realizing each time, I was adding more obstacles on my journey.

I would have been the best dramatic actress to win the Oscar every single year of my life. When you create more drama in your mind you are amplifying it. The universe will respond to you by making it materialize.  The universe doesn’t make the distinction between dreams and your inspiration. It takes everything at face value.

If you are listening to the mantra you are playing in your head, it might contradict with what you are wishing to materialize.

Controlling your mantra is the key for you to shift your life for a better outcome. It takes commitment to change our patterns. If we are ready, we can improve our situation by creating a new experience.

What would you like to experience next? Are you willing to take the time to nurture your dreams? Are you ready to step into the unknown to make it happen?  When opportunities are coming to knock at your door are you going to answer them?

Being apprehensive not knowing what tomorrow will be is a feeling you are going to experience when you are walking in your journey of self-discovery. But it is worth the trip at the end of the day