Life is a gift

Life is a gift, regardless of the outer condition we are in! We have the opportunity to create our own happy ending. We should not be defined by our outer conditions but instead by our spirit.

Living our life to the fullest, embracing every single part of who we are. Going on the quest to discover what is our heart’s desire, but also learning to grow and mature along the way.

Our journey is full of storms, drama, love and wonders. We need to keep on going to reach our holy ground. Nothing is more precious in life than living an authentic life. We are living in an illusional world that can make us think we are out of time.

When in fact, our lives are set on our own timing, we are not the product of society but our imagination. We do not have to feel we are not good enough, instead focus on your spirit. It will guide you to uncharted territory. We all are unique so why try to become part of the robot’s world?

We have a different path, our live is one of a kind. Too often we want to copy someone else, losing ourselves in the process. But our spirit will always remind us who we truly are. So why not embrace ever part of our spirit. Becoming the light that will shine in the dark night.

Inspiring others to become the better part of them. Living a life without any regrets, embracing who we truly are. We are going to face many storms that will teach us our life lessons. But also opens our heart to unconditional love.

Instead of feeling we are living in an unfair world, change the way you think by infusing positivity. When you are learning to do that, you are opening the doors to infinite possibilities.