Rolling up our sleeves

Listening to our mantras is what helps us to create tomorrow. When we are living in a state of enlightenment positive thoughts are flooding our minds. To attain this state of mind you need to practice every day.

Most individuals do not realize it takes practice to become a master. We are all journey men in our lives. What sets us apart is how much awareness do we have. Are we open to changes? Do we see when we are starting to change our patterns our outer conditions are changing? Quite often everyone is looking for a quick fix.

Not too often are we willing to see the small shifts happening in our lives. We are too focused on wanting our happy ending we are forgetting the journey that gets us there. While going through the process of changing our lives we need to make a full inventory of what stays and what must go!

Minding our own business, planting the seeds of our own dreams and letting it grow at the pace the universe sets it up. We are not the ones who are going to set the pace, perfect synchronicity needs to works its magic.

Patience is a virtue we need to constantly be reminded of. Living in a society that wants instant gratification can give us the illusion we can attain our wildest dream that way. But when reality sets in, most people will give up to do the work it actually takes to make it happen.

I have heard many times from the millennial generation they want to become famous. Thinking it will happen with one thought. Not knowing what it requires of them to actually do.  It is always a great moment when they finally realize they need to roll up their sleeves and do the work.

What inspires you today? Why not taking the leap of faith and walk on your own quest!