Making choices in our lives

My inspiration comes from the universe.  As we are going through life, we might be faced by life altering decisions. We need to have faith in the process that helps us to move on. It can be terrifying to go into the unknown.

But the way for us to change our lives is to go on our own quest. Living our lives to the fullest is to push the boundaries of our comfort zone. Becoming a dreamer again, being bold requires us to leave everything behind.

Like the time traveler we are moving forward to a better life when we are taking the first step. Breaking our patterns to creates new ones. Moving the staled energies, waking up to let our spirit be free.

When you look at life through the eyes of wonder you can see the magic of the universe surrounding us. Opportunities are around us; we need to be willing to see them and act upon them.

Not everything is written in stone.   As the co-creator you can reinvent yourselves at any given time. Not finding yourself locked in a dead-end situation, nor letting anyone else dictate what your life should be.

You can experience what your heart desires. You just have to listen to your spirit, learning to quiet your surroundings. Too often we are scared of what could happened if we are allowing yourselves to dream.

The only thing that can happened to you is to materialize it. What if, for a moment, you are willing to walk in the path of darkness to reach your goal? Would it be worth it? Would you go back to your old life?

These are questions you should reflect on. It is never too late, or we are never too old to live our dreams. Life is what you are creating every day, so why not become the inspiration that will change the world.