My consciousness on humanity

I want the ride of my life; I want to live on my own island surrounded by peace and love. I want a world filled with peace where no wars and horrors are part of our daily lives. I want harmony and beauty for everyone.

My world of utopia might seem crazy for some of us but not for others. We are living in a world that needs to go back to basics. Learning to cohabit without the need of hurting each other. We should be able to agree to disagree without starting a war.

We should learn to let our ego sleep so our spirit could lead us to better pastures. What would it take for us to do that? How low do we have to go before something happens and we shift for the better?

Do you ever wonder if there is someone out there who would want to meet us? After all we are looking like a bunch of crazy kids having a permanent tantrum! Would you be them would you like to engage with us?

I would not! I would sit on the edge of the world watching like a bad soap opera to see what is happening. Checking my head and asking the universe what is wrong with them? They are destroying species every single day; they have no care for others. Their ego is leading them to the path of destruction.

You would think for a minute we learned from our history! But no! we prefer to repeat it hoping the outcome would be different.

So why should I associate myself with a world that doesn’t even respect anything and anyone? I’d rather go back on my island and do like Noah, create my own ark. I have no interest in losing my humanity.

How about you? Are you willing to continue to live blind or are you willing to do the right thing?