Changing our thoughts changing our lives

We are the product of our own thoughts, what mantra we are repeating in our minds is what we are becoming. Many times, people are wondering why nothing is working. When they tried to change something it always falls short.

When we are starting to look at the root cause, quickly we can find out why this is happening. We are projecting into the universe the energy of our thoughts. The universe who is always listening to us will act upon those energies.

When we stop and listen to the music playing in the back of our minds, we can stop and start to infuse a new pattern. It takes about 30 days to train our minds to the new pattern. It requires us to not let our ego take over our lives but instead start to infuse our thoughts with positive energies.

Even if your outer condition is less than ideal you need to believe in yourself. When you start to change the pattern, you are going to start to see small changes happening around you. It is just the beginning.

If you are looking at your life right now, can you tell me if you are happy? Do you have the right job? Are you in relationship that is fulfilling? Or do you feel and believe you are not on the right path?

We can create the happy ending we so well deserve if we are willing to change the way we think. The universe does not know the difference if you are venting or wishing for something. It will take everything at face value.

Why not take the time to assess where you are in your life? Changing the course of it requires you to imagine what you would like to experience next.

Why not become the best part of yourself by projecting your happy ending?