We do matters!

We can feel we do not matter when we are facing rejection. Do we truly not matter? Yes! we all matter. We are here to live our lives to the fullest. Some days are going to be filled with joy and love and others with hardship. We have to understand we can however change the course of our lives if we are willing to listen to our spirit.

By learning to co-create with the universe not our outer condition we can start to shift our lives. Like a boat we can steer into the right direction. Patience is the key for us to succeed too many times we are expecting to have everything quickly.

But again, it takes time for perfect synchronicity to work its magic. Having faith while you are walking on your own path. Have your circle of light encouraging you along the way.

We can feel lost during the process of changing the course of our lives, but we are never truly lost. We can take as many turns, we need, we are always going to find our way back to our path. The universe is there to support us. Why not ask for help today?

If you are being rejected for a work position or a mate it doesn’t mean you do not matter. There is something or someone better on your path. Take the time to listen to your spirit, it will always guide you safely.

Let your ego sleep and move on into the unknown with the mantra in your head telling you, you got the job, you have the right mate by your side. Change your thoughts to positive even if you do not see the outcome yet.

It will materialize when the time is right. Again, do not underestimate what you can do. Be open to infinite possibilities.