Becoming kindness

Being true to ourselves, letting our spirit be,can be challenging in the world in which we are living. But we need to be strong and stop wearing the masks the illusional world wants us to wear. Instead,  be yourself.  When you are authentic you have no need to pretend.

You are part of the world connected to everyone. You are walking on your own path, not feeling the need to become someone else. You are living the life you are supposed to be living, also you are learning to create new experiences.

You are maturing and learning your life lessons. Becoming the rising star you are meant to be. Let the magic of the universe enter your life. You are learning to become limitless; time is not a race anymore. You have learned to be present in your life.

Becoming the better part of you, regardless of how many storms you have faced. You are not fazed by the ugliness of the world. You are seeing it through the eyes of love. You can try to lift up and carry the load the ego world is trying to impose on you but  you have learned to free yourself from it.

You have learned to walk away from what wasn’t for your highest good. You have lost and found yourself. You are happier than ever because you do not feel oppressed anymore. You have accepted who you are. You are not judging yourself anymore, you actually love your spirit.

Your words are kindness, your actions are love. You have found the better part of you and let it become who you are. No one knows your story, but you have only shown gratitude to the world when there was darkness.

You have grown and blossomed like a beautiful rose. You have changed your outer condition for the better.