Living your life

I am not in a dream; I am in my life. I am standing on the top of the mountain, my face bathed in the sun. Life has so much more to offer when we are on our quest. Finding who we truly are is our journey.

Not giving up on our dreams but learning to co-create with the universe. Opening our hearts to let our spirit be free. We might be shy doing that, because we are exposing ourselves. Feeling vulnerable of what might happen next.

When you start to believe in yourself and have faith the universe is there to support you along the way,  there is nothing you cannot do, instead inspire yourself become the dreamer you should be. Let yourself be inspired by the wonders the world has to offer.

Become curious in your life. Nothing is more important than becoming your true light. Staying hidden will not fulfill you at all. Frustration will irrupt as a reminder you are not on the right path.

Why not become visible and start to live your life the way it should be? If you are afraid of what others would think then you are giving your powers away. People that truly love you see you right now. So why not expand your wings.

If you are not living your life, regrets will become your best friend. Why not stop that and step up to the plate to claim what is yours?

We all have our own dreams, today is the day for you to name it and claim it. The universe will always be by your side. Just have faith in the process.

Ask yourself the following question, are you in the right place, are you happy? Is it what you wanted to do in your life? What is your dream? What is stopping you to live your dream life?