It is sunny in my life

It is always sunny in my world; I keep myself in check. Happy to walk on my holy ground. Not worried about tomorrow but letting my spirit speak. Too often we are losing focus and stretched too thin.

Learning to add ourselves on the top of our list helps us to stay grounded. We might have busy lives, but it should not stop us to be the best we can be. Taking some time off to rest and recharge our energies.

Working on connecting with our loved ones, doing new things to avoid the monotony of life. We can find ourselves apprehensive on doing new things. The unknown might be scary, but it is fun to actually try doing it. Many times, we are too afraid to do something new, but without it we would not be feeling alive.

We have to learn to be a little more of a daredevil waking up the naughty side of us. Letting our inspiration be. We do not always have to be serious; we need to let our silliness become alive.

Why not start today enjoying a moment when we can forget about everything else?  I have to often dig myself into a cartesian state of mind I forget the lighter side of me. When you learn to balance both you are starting to enjoy life.

 We can do so much more when we are centered. Nothing is impossible when you put your mind into it. Why not start today?  Look  for a new activity to do with your mate. Something that neither of you have ever done but might be fun to try.

Let the mystery of the unknown become part of your life. Connecting with each other while having fun. Becoming playful is a great way to reconnect with our spirit. Let the magic of the universe into your life.