Falling in love

The magic of falling in love, we all are wishing for our happy ending but how can we create one?

Being swept off our feet and riding into the sunset. Doesn’t this sound like a great ending? Yes, it does, but sometimes we need to realize this will happen only if we are ready to have someone in our lives.

We might want to rethink what we are desiring in our heads because this will be determined whom we are attracting. If we are centered and at peace, we have a better chance for Mr or Ms right to enter into our lives.

If you are feeling you are “running out of time” which is an illusional thought that will derail the process because whatever you are thinking will be projected to the universe. Thinking you are never going to meet the right person is one more obstacle you are creating. Most likely you will have a hard time meeting the “right” person if you are not grounded and free of negativity.

If you take the time to relax and just listen to what is playing in your head, you might realize you are not sending positive energy nor seeing your happy ending anytime soon. Instead you are sabotaging the process.

Letting the universe help you with that touch of perfect synchronicity you have a 100% chance of achieving your goal. We also need to mind our own business, if we are not attending to our own garden removing what is not needed in our life, how would we have room to welcome anything new into our life?

You need to take care of yourself, then the rest will come to you. Easier said than done you might add. Yes, it can be difficult but if you are not uncluttering your own life. Start to open your spirit and let your heart open. When you are in a state of receiving, this is when the magic of the universe takes place.