Helping ourselves in our journey

When people are able and ready to help themselves for a better life everything around them will change for the better. It might be difficult to watch someone drifting away but sometimes we have to step back and let them face their own storms.

As much as we want to help them, we need to let them walk on their own path. It may take years before they finally learn to stand up and do what is best for them to finally move in the right direction.

The satisfaction to see them finally emanating peace is a reward. We need to be respectful of their timing. Not everyone has the same timing, not everyone can be ready at the same time to change for the better.

We need to be conscious that it is not up to us to save them but for themselves to do the work. Having looked upon and taken care of the “Little One” for years, keeping her a float, it was time for me to step back. To my surprise she finally decided to move forward.

It is going to take some time before she can finally find the peace and joy, she so deserves, but she is on her way. She is not feeling alone but the universe has brought her help along the way. It is nice to see that she has made the right turn to reach her holy ground not waiting to ride on someone else’s coattail.

Life teaches us all kind of lessons; it is in our best interest to let it happen. When we decide to interfere thinking we are helping, we are, in fact, creating another layer of obstacles. It is best to know when to let go. Like a child taking its first step we need to let them do it regardless of how much it might be difficult or hurtful.

Sending blessings to them and ask the universe to watch over them