Becoming my spirit

Letting myself become lighter than a feather so the wind can transport me. Wishing the best for everyone, wanting love in the world. Our focus should be on elevating our energies, forgetting what has been lost along the process.

Nothing is more pure than unconditional love. Opening our hearts to receive the bounty of the universe. Not being fazed by the changes we are experiencing. Being happy about tomorrow, living in the present moment.

Let ourselves becoming one with our surroundings. Feeling the connection around us, not feeling alone but entwined with each other’s energies. Not feeling we have to speak but let the beauty of our connection speak for us.

Never lose sight of our spirit but let the beauty of the universe shower us with her majestic grace. Feeling inspired of what is coming next in our lives. Having spent a lifetime searching  for my holy ground, I can kick back and enjoy this beautiful moment.

It is surreal to be here smiling as I am connected with the universe. Words of wisdom is filling my heart. I am moving at the sound of the high energy the universe is infusing into me. It is a peaceful moment where I can clearly see how amazing this world is.

The love is all around us, we need to open our eyes to see it. We need to let our ego sleep. Not worrying about anything for a moment. Learning to stay centered and open to welcome the magic of the universe into our lives.

Becoming our own spirit, letting the colors of love shine through us. We have so much more to offer when we are open. Life is magical, becoming the trailblazer is walking on our own path. Why not start today? Nothing should stop you to become the master of your own destiny.