I am inspired today!

Being inspired starts with a curious mind. Always looking to learn something new. Not letting our outer condition dictate our lives. But instead going against the storm to ride the wave of our life. Being bold with our decisions, taking a stand for what is not right. Embracing who we are, not willing to give up to the pressures the illusional world might add.

Welcoming changes with open arms not worried about tomorrow but focusing our intention of elevating our energies. Feeling the connection with the universe. Never feeling left out but instead creating our own experience.

Ignoring lower energies but look at happy endings. Creating my own magic by infusing it with the magic of the universe. Never feeling behind but more so ahead of my time. Ready to embrace the silliness of the world.

Ready to have a good laugh and keep on going. Nothing is more precious than the time we spend with our loved ones.

Inspiration will come to those who are willing to let their inner child be free. Seeing life through the eyes of a child. Not taking ourselves too seriously in times of stress. But instead learn to laugh at adversity.

Never let your power be taken away from you. Let go of the past and learn from our lessons. We can do so much more when we are ready to be our true self.

Nothing is more powerful than a life lived to the fullest, not missing a beat. Infuse our minds with the wisdom of the universe. When you are in the driver’s seat you are in charge of creating what’s next in your life.

Why not become the master of your own destiny? Not becoming an observer but the main actor in your journey? Let the universe help you along the way.