Learning to walk away

Happiness is part of who we are, but not letting anyone rain on our parade might be difficult when you are dealing with your own family.

It might be challenging to stay away from drama, but we can learn to breath and let go of people or situations.

Too often we give our power over to people who are irritating us. I had to face my own challenges from a mother who is resentful and cannot help nor stop herself from making some negative comments. Her comments were like acid on your skin.

When I learn to ignore them and not respond I was not entering her trap. Instead I was walking way, silence is a virtue I have learned at a younger age. It used to drive her nuts when I would not respond to her. As I grew older, I learned to ignore her dictatorial ways. Instead I learned to keep my projects under wraps.

I have continued to expand that gap for my own sake. We are born in a family that might or might not be loving. But we do not have to stay with them if we are feeling it is not for our highest good.

We do not have to feel guilty about it, instead we have the opportunity to create our own. I have never felt close to my family. More like a stranger in a life that wasn’t mine. As we have taken different path in our lives, I have no regrets.

Instead, like millions of people, I have blossomed and created my own family. If you feel you are surrounded by drama just learn to walk away from it. Some relationships are just to toxic for even trying to close the gap. It is not worth the effort to try it for your own peace of mind. Just bless them, maybe even say a prayer for them, and walk away.