This is your life

Are you a dreamer, a follower or a trailblazer? Too often people will follow others when instead they should be the dreamer or the trailblazer. We are here to go on our quest and discover who we truly are.

How can we have accomplished this if we are not embracing who we truly are? The mystery still remains for some of us. We are living in a society that asks us to become bolder to make ourselves more popular. We might also forget the basics of life, spending more and more of our time on social media.

Well, living a true life doesn’t ask you to give your powers away. Instead you set your own course, walking on your own path. Nothing is more powerful then when someone is actually living their life through their spirit.

It is easy to hide behind a screen and bully everyone around. Those kinds of behaviors only attract more negativity into their own life. I do not have the time to spend with the Debbie Downers of the world. I get bored rather quickly so lower energies is not part of the world I like to live in.

Instead, learning to live my life in an authentic way has been an interesting journey. I have met people who wear masks but realized, too late, I could see through them. It scared them so much they had to try to stop me. They put many obstacles in my way, but I overcame all of them. They were not able to stop me. I believe in happy endings and I work towards that belief. Nothing stood in front of me because the universe was working to help me to overcome everything.

It doesn’t mean it was a walk in the park but being a dreamer and the trailblazer is what my spirit inspires me to do. What is stopping you from starting your own quest? Listen to what your spirit has to say. Do not waste your time on feedback from others, instead follow your spirit.  After all, this is your life not anyone else’s.