Let your spirit be

This is my life, the life of perhaps, thousands of others.  This is the improbable journey of a child who was born into a poor family, who had to share her bedroom with her sisters. Someone who had to face uncertainty when we lost our house.

This is story of millions of people who had to face adversity like I did. Different situations, different world. But it is the same quest, finding our way back home. Feeling alone in the middle of the storm. Trying to figure out where to start to get on the right path toward my destination.

How many of you have had to face the hardship, the unfairness of a situation? Facing the worst of the worst to come out a better person? To become the warrior, the unstoppable spirit you are. How often have you risen from your ashes to become the better part of you?

Too many times we are not realizing why we have to go through adversity, trauma and despair until we finally reach our holy ground. We all have a different path, but we have to learn the essential which is unconditional love. Learning to let go and heal our wounds. Living in harmony and foremost to accept who we are.

Opening our spirit and let the connection with the universe become our new way. We do not have to live a life of a monk or a recluse to achieve our nirvana. We all have a glorious life to live so why not start today?

Why not start to listen to our spirit, becoming the better part of us. Learning to take it slow and find our peace of mind. Becoming the beautiful light and let our true colors shine. Living an authentic life is letting your spirit be in the driver’s seat.

Learning to co-create with the universe, living new experiences. Working with perfect synchronicity to have our happy ending.