Patience is a virtue

When you are letting your spirit be, some people would think you are a freak, a strange person, because they are part of the illusion world. You do not have to justify who you are. I have seen too many people around me who were more than happy to see me fail then to be successful.

But I never truly cared about what people would think. I learned at a young age to not rely on anyone but to do it yourself. It was extremely helpful during some of the storms to have a state of mind like the one I have. It helped me to pushed forward, it might sound like a lonely life, but I felt lonelier around people then by myself.

Having that connection with the universe as a young child helped me to connect with the divine. Listening to my spirit, standing on my own two feet when needed. I had to learn patience. Even today I must say sometimes I still have none. The universe will gently remind me it is not on my own time but its’ own time.

I had my own temper tantrum wanting to move faster than perfect synchronicity. I learned to pout like a child and waiting, tapping my foot on the floor, looking at the sky while arguing with the universe.

But again, nothing moved faster than the music the universe is playing. So, when you are going to your quest you need to be open to go with the flow the universe has for you. You might feel you are running around in circles while in fact you are moving forward.

You might have to wait until everything aligns perfectly for you to move forward. The universe will always reward us regardless of how many hardships we have to endure. It paves the way for us to learn unconditional love but also opens our spirit fully.