Becoming the master

It is our time to become the master of our own destiny. No one should be able to get the best of you. You should not give away your powers. You should embrace who you truly are. Nothing is impossible if this is right for you.

You are more resilient than you think you are.  Maybe everything around is blurry but when you are moving forward things will start to clear up. Our journey to self-discovery is the ultimate quest for you to follow. You will discover if the people that surround you are the right ones. You will be disappointed to let some of them go but when you realize this is for your highest good it is the right thing you do.

We are all changing and evolving, nothing might be lost but everything will start to evolve. You can be my someone in my life or just an illusion passing by. Nothing is lasts forever, only unconditional love matters.

When you are at peace with yourself then you are at peace with the world. The magic of the universe will enter your life to create the most beautiful experience you can ever imagine.

Life will change for the better, you will not have to hide away. Instead you will live your life through your spirit. Understanding the universe and the beauty this world has to offer. We are taking everything for granted. We should not, we should be respectful of the earth we are walking on.

We should embrace who we truly, we should discover our spirit. We should embrace our differences. We should be in harmony with our outer condition. We should be focusing on our own garden. Not trying to emulate someone but an experience that we would like to come to fruition.

If we let the universe help us, we might discover a new world. Expanding our mind and what we are all about.