My path my journey

Living a thousand lives is becoming a Jack of all trades. Becoming a source of knowledge, expanding your vision and view on life. Nothing is more inspiring than learning new things. Discovering what kind of skills, you have hidden.

I am excited to get up every day and figure it out…ie. what am I going to learn today?  Smiling at the world and being excited that I am in the present moment not projecting myself back into the future.

Becoming the better part of me and let “les aleas de la vie” passing by. Not being worried about anything else but focusing on my own garden. Not expecting anything but welcoming the magic of the universe into my life.

Being at peace is the sweetest nectar you will ever taste. There is no greater feeling than the universe lavishing unconditional love upon you. Having faced many storms, I am happy the calmer waters I now am traveling through are here.

I am looking at the beautiful sky and the serene outer condition I am in. I have no regrets but wonderful wishes. Co-creating with the universe is a majestic life, where only love is at the center.

Walking away from the people that are not for my highest good. Letting them deal with their own problems. Not focusing on others but how I can continue to elevate myself so I can continue to be the domino that will bring peace around me.

Being the child again ready to do some mischief, not being afraid to smile at the world. Infusing myself with positive energies. Creating the life, I always wanted, ready to share the wisdom of the world.

I am glad my spirit fought the storms. I am thankful for my inner circle of light which has been by my side. Sending me positive thoughts and energies when I was down.

I am now in the place where everything is magical. Nothing can disturb my peace.