New Year – New You!

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Changes in our lives

Having faith in the universe is taking a chance for a better life. Not giving up but ready to go on the quest of your life’s purpose. It opens the doors to become the magician, it helps us to live a better life.

Leaving  the world of  illusions to live an authentic life. Having faced many storms in my own life, I have learned to pick and choose my own battles. If you are trying to control your outer condition, you are going to lose time. Instead look at what it is worth to go for it, listen to our spirit.

Become the better part of you, we do not have to agree with everything, but we must recognize when it is time to stand up  for ourselves or when to walk away. We have a life purpose to fulfilled so why not see what starts when you  become the alchemist.

Look at where you are in your life right now. Are you happy with what you are doing at work? Would you like to change or continue on the same path? What inspires you lately? Have you noticed the signs around you?

Too many times, we are ignoring what our spirit is trying to tell us. From a wrong job to a relationship that is not working anymore. We can be on auto pilot living like robots, feeling that if we are going to change, the world would collapse.

Well, I have good news! The world will continue to move forward, the end of the earth is not near. You can relax and start to plan what you would like to do. There is nothing more rewarding than walking on your holy ground.

It is so much more peaceful and joyful; the energy of freedom is so intense. It is just beautiful, so why not make the changes in your life for the better?