My happy ending

I know what it is not having enough, being born in the world of modesty. I never stopped to dream; my life wasn’t what the outer condition was trying to influence me to become. Instead I listened to that voice that was inside of me.

I created new music in my head. That sweet melody was not ready to give up, neither was I. I decided it was my quest to go home where I belong. Living that life that never belonged to me. I was driven to reach my Nirvana.

I wasn’t going to give up on my dreams or on the music that was playing in my head. Feeling the energy of the universe moving me forward. I had to be patient when perfect synchronicity was at work.

I was sleeping in my own cloud waiting for the universe to pave the way in front of me. My life would not be as it is if I did not go through the hardship and pain. But it was all worth it, I have not forgotten where I came from, but it is not what is driving my life.

What is driving me is the unconditional love of the universe. Nothing is impossible when you are on your quest. Regardless if you feel like giving up, don’t. This is where the last obstacles will collapse for you so you can finally walk on your holy ground.

I had no idea what was going to unravel but I have no regrets. I have finally reached my year 0 which is the year when I have finally walked on the path of my true life.

The enlightenment and the peace that comes cannot be compared. Being an open heart and listening to the universe. Elevating my energy to co-create with the universe. Nothing has been more fulfilling in my life until now.

Discovering the better part of me and make the impossible possible.