A new day

Today is a great day, when you are aligning with the universe only magic comes into your life. We need to be ready to embrace the help. Too often we are not leaning on the universe, thus making our journey harder than it should be.

From day to day support to the extreme, the universe is always by our side ready to help us along the way. So today, why not learn to ask, it doesn’t cost anything but a thank you afterward.

I have asked for help with everything and see the universe at work. Not interfering with them but instead being open to what is coming in front of me. Never discarding options but instead going with the flow.

We can create a better experience, why not start today? What is stopping us to change the course of our lives? Why not walk away from a situation or experience that doesn’t suit us anymore?

We are the magician the alchemist why not start living our dream life? It might seem farfetched but becoming a child again will help us to create the magic in our lives.

Becoming a dreamer will help us, why not start today? It is never too late to live our life to the fullest.

Learning to never give up on our dreams can be challenging but when you are in partnership with the universe nothing is impossible. Having walked on fire to get where I needed, I am humbled for what I have overcome but also how much the universe rewarded me when I was patient.

I have no regrets, only good things have come into my life, I have paved the way I wanted to live my life. It is not easy to be who we are mean to be, when you are embracing the better part of you the door of infinite possibilities Is wide open.