It is sunny today

It is always sunny in my life, as a young child my life was surrounded by darkness. Unhappiness was part of my daily existence, but my spirit taught me how to escape, to create an alternative reality where I was loved.

I never tried to find it outside, but within me. It helped to conquer the harsh world I was living in. Never in a million years would I have imagined in my youngest memory where I would be today.

I have taken too many unexpected turns that make me feel like they were dead ends but in fact those turns taught me how to continue to push forward. Never giving up on my dreams instead I learned to have faith in the process.

When I was ready to give up one person from my circle of light would give me the jolt I needed to get back on my feet and continue to push forward into the unknown.

Living on the edge of the illusional world did not made me marginal but let my spirit be free. Becoming the better part of me, ready for new adventures. Being open to the magic of the universe.

Life has so much more to offer when we are ready to open the doors of infinite possibilities. How often have you wonder about the job or the mate you walked away from if that was the right choice? When magic happens in our lives, we have to be willing to open the door.

How many times have you stood behind the door afraid to open it when your dream job came along? Regretting later on to have not followed your gut feeling and take it?

I have learned to roll with the flow not worrying about tomorrow but instead being present in my life. Running into the future doesn’t help us to create our next experience.