Let your imagination be

Running away from a storm will not help us to move forward in our lives. We need to be able to face it. It might seem a little strange to read these words but when you are moving into darkness your instinct would want to make you run in the opposite direction.

Not everything will be easy in our lives, those times are here to help us to grow and mature. Facing challenges will give us the tools we need to elevate ourselves.

We have so much more to learn from our own experiences. We might not be able to control our outer condition, but we can control how we react. We can persevere in the wrong direction hitting the walls again and again. But when you learn to center yourself you are able to see the open door.

Also, we need to be willing to recognized when this is not for us. When a job or a possible mate is not for us to have, we need to move on. Many times, people will try to obtain something that is not for them.

Instead of becoming obsessed about it, why not ask the universe to provide you with the perfect job or mate? The universe will never give us what is not meant for us, so why try to defy the universe’s order?

It is not in our best interest to do that, knowingly that it will never come to fruition. Wasting our time will not help us in our journey.

We might daydream about someone, but it doesn’t mean it will ever happen in this lifetime. As long as that dream doesn’t turn into an obsession or stalking someone.

Let your imagination wander, but also use it to ask the universe to bring you the right job or mate into your life. Be willing to let the universe work its magic. You might be surprise what will come your way.