Welcoming our spirit

Feeling the wind on my skin, reminds me of how much the universe can touch us. We are creative beings that should spend our time creating positive experiences in our lives.

Too often people are being drawn into the illusional world of the ego. Forgetting who they are, what their mission in life is.  We all have a free will; nothing is off limit if you think about it.

But when you realize with a free will comes the responsibility to elevate our energies. Not falling into the abyss of the negative world, this is a battle we are facing every single day.

Everything has a price; it comes through the form of Karma. The universe is always watching us even if we think it is not true. Most often people do not care if their actions will affect someone else.

The order of the universe will always prevail no matter what. It doesn’t mean we are going to witness it every time someone is doing wrong to us. We are not meant to see what happened to them.

It would be a waste of our time to lower our energy instead of moving on to better things for us to do.

Karma will always right the wrong, we should focus on ourselves and elevate our energies higher.

Happiness is not a dream but a state of mind, being in symbiosis with the universe. Letting go of the past, embracing our spirit leads us to a better life.

We have a purpose to fulfilled, why not start today. Walking away from a life that doesn’t let our spirit be. Welcoming the changes that brings us to our holy ground. Learning we can change our experience comes when we are listening to the whispers of our spirit.

When you are awakening, you are becoming alive.