Our challenges in our journey

Being inspired every day is challenging but when you take the time to let your imagination wander, this is where you can finally open the doors for infinite possibilities.

I would not be writing if I did not follow my imagination. Even in my wildest dreams I never thought I would be doing that. But when you let your imagination wander freely this is when magic truly happens. Facing a blank page is not as intimidating as people would think.

You just have to relax and get into the groove. You may ask, how do you do that? One thing I do is listen to music. The one that elevate my energies, opening my heart chakra and letting the flow of the universe float through.

When you let the flow of the universe be, this is where the magic starts. Writing becomes part of you. You can heal and inspire others; words can bring the best to the worst situation.

Sharing our experience will help others who are going through it but also give them faith that if I made it so can you. I am not perfect, but I have learned from my experiences and I still believe in humanity.

Reaching year 0 has brought me to full circle. I am now walking on my holy ground, naked. Without the restraints I was wearing around my ankles and wrists, I have elevated myself and learned from everyone I have meet.

I have reached my ultimate destination and am creating new experiences that will continue to push me beyond the limits.

I am happy and at peace.  In my incredible journey I have endured pain and sorrow that should have broken me. But instead I decided to not give up on myself or my destiny.

I have lived a thousand lives……but also, I am connected with the universe forever.