Letting your spirit guiding you

We might be facing challenges in our lives, but nothing is impossible if we believe in ourselves. Often, we are not giving ourselves a chance to show what we are made off.

From the illusional world that tries to crush our dreams, to make us feel paralyzed to express who we truly are. Afraid nobody will like us, thinking something is wrong with us because we do not see life like everyone else.

If you are taking the time to step back, you will realize this is your spirit showing you who you truly are. Not everyone will be ready to embrace it but when you decide to go into the unknown this is where you are becoming the better part of you.

Learning to know ourselves might take years, even decades, as we are changing… always evolving. Our spirit is the most precious thing we have, it not only guides us in the right direction but also it is the direct connection with the universe.

We would not feel whole and fulfilled if we were not connected to it. Too many times people are searching outside of themselves for what is inside of them. You must learn to not sell yourself short but instead embrace every inch of your being.

Loving yourself first is the most difficult thing to do. Accept who you are then go and chase the stars. Let the music fill your heart, become the beacon of love.

Let your inspiration guide you along your journey. I am amazed at where I am today. Who knew I would be on the cover of a magazine? Who knew I would have a podcast? Who knew I would run my own company?

Only the universe knew what I was capable of doing.  My spirit guided me to the place I am today. I would not have been able to do all of that if I did not believe in me.

Do not give up on yourself, neither on your dreams no matter what others have to say. Just listen to your spirit, it will guide you to your holy ground.