I have become my spirit

Further down the river, I can see calmer waters. I am floating peacefully, enjoying the music the world has to offer. I am happy, smiling at the sun listening to the birds singing.

The scenery is peaceful, love is in the air. I am now closing my eyes, feeling the breeze on my skin. It has been a long journey full of obstacles, but I made it! Nothing is sweeter than the nectar of life.

I am floating on my holy river; life is as sweet as honey. I am collecting the rewards of a hard life. I am happy, living without any resentment.

It is my nirvana; I found the peace I was seeking. I am in perfect equilibrium, the cocoon that surrounds me is made from the hand of the universe. I can feel the universe surrounding me.

I am centered, feeling the wisdom of the universe bathing me. I am not worried about tomorrow. I am present in my life; I am alive ready to co-create a new experience.

Attracting the bounty of the universe, nothing is impossible; the universe shows me kindness.

I am not alone; I am one with the universe. I opened the doors of infinite possibilities. I am harvesting what is mine, while I am sharing with the rest of the world.

I have learned to let it go so I am floating freely on the river. I am watching the world opening up to me. How much beauty there is in this world, I refuse to be part of the illusional world.

I have stopped time so I can enjoy every single minute of it. Nothing is the same, everything has changed. I am happy, year 0 has begun I am looking forward to collecting every reward from it.

I have become my spirit