Discovering myself

Discovering who we are can help us to make better choices in our lives. From a relationship we would love to see blossom. To a dream job we are looking to obtain. Life can take us on many turns to help us to get where we need to be.

It might take some time before we can archive all of our heart’s desire but in the meantime, we can learn more about our spirit. During this time of transformation, we are opening our heart to let our spirit be.

It is not easy when we are navigating into the unknown, but it is worth the time we are spending to uncover who we truly are. Too often we might feel content with what we have but a deep desire can surface letting us know we are missing something.

When we are on our quest, we are opening the doors to that. Finally letting ourselves be who are meant to become. It is not an easy road, but it is worth it. Going through transformation will show you the different facets your spirit has. Many times, we are not realizing how gifted we are.

We are not part of the ego world we have our own identity. We are not a robot but a beautiful spirit that needs to be free. We can create a beautiful world when we are ready to expand our wings.

I have lived a thousand lives before I let myself become my true spirit. I have pretended to be what I wasn’t to learn what I needed to learn. I have embraced every single inch of my spirit. I have pushed myself beyond the limit to feel. I have come to live when I truly stepped into my holy ground.

I have no regrets in my life, I have done what I did with what I had. Never feeling sorry for myself.