Creating our own life

Happy lives do not often come easily to people. We have to create our own happy ending, in order to do that we must decide what we should be doing.

Are we in the right state of mind where we are happy every day? Or do we feel oppressed by our outer condition?

If you are living a happy life, this is great, continue what you are doing…. it is working!

If you are not where you want to be, you are feeling the world is against you, you need to do an inventory of your life. Where are you right now, where would you like to be? What would you like to change or improve?

When you are taking the time to honestly answer those questions. You might see what is missing or what you need to get rid of. From a relationship that has run its’ course, to a job that doesn’t fulfilled you anymore. Maybe you need to be more proactive with your love ones?

We are evolving but when we are disconnecting with our love ones, we can create that invisible gap that will separate us. If this is the case what are you going to do to remedy that issue? Are you going to ignore it or are you going to go back to basics?

Relationships need to be attended to like a garden. Nothing will continue to grow and flourish if you are not making an effort. You got what you have planted so why not take care of it? We are living in a society where fast is better, but some of it needs to be handled with care and love.

When it comes to jobs, we can outgrow them, it is up to us to decide if we want to continue on the same path of change for the better. Walking into uncharted territory might be scary, because we are not in control of anything, but instead, we are weary of what might be happening. It is a great time for us to continue to learn about our spirit.