My path my ground

Nothing is blurry in my life, everything is clear. I have walked on the path of doubt not knowing where I was going. I have opened the doors to infinite possibilities. I have overcome darkness when I was traveling into the unknown.

I have faith in tomorrow and leaned on the universe to guide me along my journey. I have heard my calling; I have pushed my limits too many times. I have thought I was good enough to become my spirit.

I have laugh at adversity, I have defied the ego world by walking on my own path. I have focused my rage to push beyond the obstacles that were in front of me. I have raised myself above negativity.

I have never taken no for an answer when I knew it was the road I needed to take. I have been a rock in the middle of the storms for others to reach safety.

I have not backed up in the face of the storm but instead I went full force in it. I have blasted negativity away from my path. I have never compromised myself for fifteen minutes of fame. I have lived by my own rules refusing to comply with others just to be liked.

I always felt more independent than collective. I have learned to adapt to the ever-challenging world we are living in. I never felt like becoming a preacher in the world of illusion.

Living an authentic life is living a true life. Letting your spirit become its beautiful self, not feeling oppressed by the ego world. Learning to walk on the edge of the ego world to be on my own path.

Letting my spirit guide me along my journey. Embracing every single part of my beautiful self. Realizing we are all love.