Guided by my spirit

Dancing under the sun, I begin feeling lighter, I can feel the energy of the sun in every single cell in my body. As I am facing the sun, I can feel the warmth on my skin. Listening to the song of the birds, the gentle breeze in my hair.

I am smiling at the world, grateful for the blessings I have in my life. I am in the good place, listening to the world. Noticing the changes in nature, feeling centered and blessed to be in such a peaceful state of mind.

With Mahalakshmi in my life I now have the peace I was seeking for so long. My battles are over, I can finally rest and enjoy life. I have filled my heart with love, I have walked on fire to get where I am today.

Living a life with no regrets, learning to let go of the past. Welcoming the blessings, the universe has to share with me. It might seem a little crazy to speak about the universe when we are living a life influenced by social media.

Learning to going back to basics while controlling what influences me. Not letting the illusion of the ego world catch me off guard. Letting my ego sleep so my spirit can guide my life for my highest good.

Becoming who I was meant to be without losing myself along the process. Too often we could be blinded by the light or influenced by the praises of others who will be more than willing to give them to you.  This can be an addictive way for us to seek more attention.

Not having fall into this illusional world, but continuing to be who I truly am, has been rewarding. Welcoming new people into my life, keeping things simple has been a blessing. We can all be who we are meant to be if we stop looking to the ego world as a reference but instead start to listen to our spirit for guidance.