Changing our outer conditions

When we are being hurt, we want to strike back at the world. We might feel the world is against us. During those times of pain, we are learning to feel, to experience what sorrow, loneliness feels like. Those experiences are helping us to grow and mature.

We would not be able to grow and mature if we would not have gone through those experiences. We might feel victimized by our own outer conditions, but we can start to change this state of mind by learning to change our mantra in our head.

We are influencing our outer conditions. I know that for a fact because I was a great drama queen when it came to negative situations. I learned to dramatized everything to the extent that the movie I was playing in my head was even better than the most dramatic and sad movie film playing at the theaters.

When I realized how much I was influencing my outer condition, I started to watch my thoughts and modify how it was playing in my head. By doing that I eased and changed the outer condition from worst to good or even better.

Nothing became darkness but I started to see the silver lining. Understanding it wasn’t as bad as I first thought. When we are starting to step back, we can see the bigger picture. When we are in the middle of the storm, we might lose ground.

Being able to center ourselves and stay focused on a positive outcome will help us to move on in our journey and eliminate those obstacles that are standing in front of us. Everything is temporary when you understand we can improve our outer condition. Then you are opening the door of transformation.

Nothing will change if you do not put your mind into it. It is up to you to decide how you want to live your life.