The Story of Two Sisters – Animal Rescue Part 2

After Katrina in 2005 both sisters worked with other rescue groups, taking seminars and classes. It took a couple of years from the beginning to end to register as non-profit business. When they finally open the door to The Adopt A Pet shop in 2012, it was the next step for them.

How do you fund this place? “We are welcoming donation; we also do fundraising. It is never enough if an animal requires some medical attention we will pay out of our own pocket if necessary. We cannot deny a cat in need of care.

We wanted to create an environment that would be less stressful for the animals. It is an adoption center not a shelter. If people want to help, why not become a foster home because the biggest problem is not finding a forever home it’s to foster them, we do not have the space for that here”.

“It takes a lot of dedication to do what we are doing since we have opened this place. We are all helping to save their lives.”

What is the message you would like to share,  Shari? “Spay and neuter your pets. If everyone could do a little bit, adopt from shelters only, donate, sponsor, give time if you can. Be kinds to animals. Be aware we are not the only living species on earth.”

What is the most rewarding for you? “Happy endings, matching an animal to a home and getting emails and pictures how happy the owners and the animals are. Taking an animal from a horrifying situation to a forever home.

What would you change, if anything, from what you are doing? “You need an army to do that, it is getting people on-board and understanding the importance of what we do. More men that would help us, heavy lifting etc. but men help more toward the dogs than the cats. Also, keeping the focus on help animals not on things that are not relevant. Networking, advertising and the support to keep a business like us running. If you are having a place out of the city the rent will be cheaper but for people to access it would be harder. People assumed because we are a non-profit, we are getting things for free. We do not we are paying for the expenses”

“Pet adoptions fees are reasonable compared to what the cost to get them ready to be adopted is not commensurable. People need to realize that animals, like humans, cost money to be taken care of.  Even with a health care insurance it requires funds. Adopting an animal is a commitment for life”

If you would like to donate here are the links.

The Adopt A Pet Shop Facebook: here

The Adopt A Pet Shop Instagram: here

The Adopt A Pet Shop Website: here

Video Documentary: left behind without a choice based on Katrina: here

Article link about The Adopt A Pet Shop: here

Best Friends Animal Society has a sanctuary in Utah, where there is dog town you can volunteer there. They are the expert on animals for information and educations. Informative information that could be useful for shelters and pet owners.

Thank you, Shari and Stephanie, to allow me to share your story and mission. Animal rights is becoming a greater issue around the world. Laws should be tougher on trade, torture, cruelty and violence. Animal sanctuary and breeders should not be overlooked instead inspection should be required on a yearly basis so man-made disasters like the hoarding situation in Nevada should not happen again. Animals like children do not have a voice, we are their voices.

Before you decide to adopt make sure it is for the right reasons.