Making the changes in our lives

changesDreaming to live my dreams has been quite an adventure. From nowhere to somewhere, starting from scratch. Digging deep inside of me to create a new world, a new experience. It took several decades to finally reach my holy ground.

I have learned so much more by doing it and keep on going. Finding ways to push my limits, moving obstacles along my journey. Not giving up on my spirit but learning to embrace my warrior. Never letting go of my dreams, finding ways to move into the darkness knowing the universe was watching over me.

Life had a strange sense of humor from losing my childhood house to being hunted down at work by people who would rather break the core values of a company to get to the finish line. It is interesting how many turns life can make us take before coming to happiness and fulfillment. Living with no regrets but instead learning to let go of all. Revisiting those situations helps us to see how far we have come.

It might be rough for some of us to face those situations feeling we have been disgraced or used in a way that wasn’t fair but were we really not aware of it or did we refused to see it? In many cases signs are always around us. We do not have to become paranoid of everything and everyone, but the signs are there.

It is up to us to decide what we are going to do about situations that are trying to destroy our spirit. Are we becoming the victims of a systems or are we going to be proactive and try to find the exit? I have become who I was meant to be because I stood up for what I believed in. I did not, and will not try to convert anyone, but I would rather make people think of where they are in the lives now and where they really want to be and try to change their environment.

Assessing if you are on the right path or if you need to change something and encourage everyone to make the necessary changes, they need to live a happier life