Our journey of transformation

RoseHow can we change our patterns? How can we improve our life? Is this really requiring us to work on it? How hard do I have to do that? Am I truly ready to face my storms?

Too many times people want to change but most of us do not want to do the work. Hoping for a loophole that will fast forward us passing by all the storms to land safely in our holy ground.

If life was that easy, we would all have done that. But in most cases, we have to learn our life lessons in order for us to move up to the next level. When do you want to start to change your patterns? The most denting part of starting your transformation is the first step. Remember you are going into the unknown.

Not sure where it is going to take you, you need to believe in yourself first before you can start that journey. It is a journey of self-discovering, a journey when you are maturing and opening your spirit to let your true self be released.

It is not a fifteen-minute walk in the park either, but a lifelong commitment. How can we evolve if we are not ready to shed our old patterns and learn new skills and mantra? It would be a waste of time. Often people will retreat to their old patterns because the attempt to change might be pushing them beyond their limits.

Often, we think we cannot change, we are not strong enough. It is easier to listen to our ego that will find every excuse in the book to try to stop us from becoming the better part of us. We do not have to live in a cocoon the ego world has guilted us to be in.  Why not challenge your conformity and start your transformation?

Many times, we are sitting on the couch wishing we had a dream life but when we look around, we are not where we need to be. Instead of becoming envious or jealous of others why not do what they have done?  Start our journey of transformation.