My happiness

LifeI am happy, today is a beautiful day. I am feeling lighter than a feather; I am looking at the beautiful sky. I can feel myself moving higher, my energy is elevating. I am centered and at peace. Life has been a roller coaster, but I am now in calmer waters.

I am one with the universe, nothing is more precious right now than being in the present moment. Having to deal with everyday stress doesn’t touched me anymore. Instead I let the madness be and focus on my inner peace.

Nothing can disturb me anymore, from people trying to make their deadlines to new projects. I am taking one day at the time just going with the flow of the universe. Leaving the ego world on its own hamsters’ wheel.

Learning to take care of myself in the spiritual level is far more important than the illusional world people are accustomed too. Having enjoyed the ephemeral world of illusion it did bore me quickly. Nothing to learn, no deep meaning or connection just a world of pretend that faded as fast as when it came alive.

I have no regrets but have better things to do than waste my time in that sphere of illusion. I have grounded myself and opened my heart to the unconditional love. I have healed my wounds and let go of the pain and sorrow.

Just living my life to the fullest, on my own terms. Not feeling oppressed by the world or influenced by it. Instead, walking with my own rhythm. Listening to my spirit to guide me along my journey. Ready to embrace what is coming next.

I have fulfilled my life’s purpose, living the dream every single day. I am happy today to stand strong on my own two feet. Leaning on the support of the universe to get me where I need to be.