Living our lives to the fullest part 3

lifeIt is a labor of love to walk on our path, it might take some unexpected turns, but it is all worth it. I wish I had an idea at the beginning of my journey how it would end. Traveling in the darkness, in the unknown we do not have a full grasp of what is waiting for us at the end.

We might learn to become our spirit, enjoying a moment of peace in the middle of the chaos. Becoming the beautiful light, we are radiating our true colors. Smiling at the world with a heart filled with love.

Letting our ego sleep, seeing life through the eyes of love, living our passions every day. We might want to acknowledge how happier we are now. Feeling whole and at peace is a feeling everyone is seeking.

Not having to deal with drama, navigating in the peaceful waters of our life. Never feeling we are being abused but instead getting the best for us by surrendering everything to the universe.

We might have a difficult life but when you are reaching your holy ground, all the pain and sorrow you have experienced will be washed off and replaced by the energy of unconditional love.

Waking up in the morning with a heart full of joy, sending love to the world. Feeling connected with the universe, walking in peace. Never looking back but looking forward to creating a new world. Becoming the inspiration, we need for the next generation.

How often have you been given an opportunity of a lifetime to do something you truly love? How often is perfect synchronicity coming into your life to boost you?

We have a chance to rise like the phoenix and become our true self. Why not take a chance for a better and happier life and let our spirit lead us?   I will never have any regrets because I lived my life to the fullest.