Living our dreams

Dreaming big is what we should be doing every day. Becoming limitless is what we are supposed to be. So why not start today? Why not invent a new life for ourselves? Becoming someone who creates magic?

We should live our lives to the fullest, on our own path. Never waiting for someone’s approval but instead inviting  beauty into our world. When you are in touch with grace and gratitude you are opening your heart.

Nothing is more precious than an open heart, filled with empathy and compassion. We do not need to feel we are in a race but instead let our spirit guide us to the quiet space. Where our inner peace can blossom.

We can create easily when we are in such a place. We do not need to be on anyone’s timer, instead we let the universe set the pace. We can archive all we are supposed to do when perfect synchronicity is helping us.

Life has so much more to offer when we are centered, happy and whole.  We can reach our holy ground when all of our life lessons have been learned. We can finally reach our ultimate destination.

Nothing will ever be taken from us if this is meant to be for our highest good. Too many times people living in the ego world do not understand this concept. Not everything you see there is for you or your highest good.

When you are living that life to finally walk on your own path, you are becoming limitless. Life has a new meaning; you are finally creating something that is right for you. Why not start today? What is stopping you from finally becoming who you are meant to be?

Are you afraid you are going to be mocked, cast aside like a parasite? Many times people will be worried about what others will think. If you are living in this state of mind, you are giving your powers away and will never experience what life has to offer you.

Make the leap of faith to change your life and remember what others  think about you are their prerogative not yours. Only people with an open heart and spirit will truly see you.