Goodbye to the past

lifeSaying goodbye to your past is the key to help you to move on your path. Nothing is ever lost when you are letting go of it. Instead you are transmuting those energies to become magical and to help you to move on.

Too many times people would rather hold on to something that is not needed because they are feeling safe. Living with your past is like a ghost that just anchored you, unable to move forward but stuck.

You are blocking yourself from becoming your true self instead you have learned to live with it like a friend that is not here for your highest good. In order to finally becoming free of it you have to learn new patterns. It might be scary for some of us, but you can never escape if you are still tied to it!

You should free yourself of any burdens, from a relationship that has stalled to a job that doesn’t fulfil you. We are always moving and evolving so why not go with the flow and have faith your spirit is going to guide you to safety.

I have moved mountains to be where I am today. Without the faith I have in the universe, I would not even accomplished half of what I have. I would not have let my passion; my dreams guide me along my journey.

Many times, I could not see a good ending nor what would be at the end until I reach my final destination. Nothing made sense at the time, but I kept pushing knowing this is the direction I had to take.

It might be scary to be in the unknown, but the rewards are mind blowing when you are doing that. You need to be determined, resilience when you are choosing your path. You are what the world needs, you are precious, therefore you are here