Living our fate

lifeHaving faith in tomorrow might be a leap of faith for some of us. But we need to keep on elevating our energies. Even if the outer conditions are difficult, what we are thinking is impacting our lives.

We need to keep moving and pushing forward. Even at our worst we can find the silver lining, the hand that will grab us and bring us to safety.

We can find comfort in the words of a friend; we can find refuge in the arms of the universe. Feeling we are not alone in our journey. Being inspired will open the doors we need to move to the next experience.

We can try to close our eyes to project in our mind a happy ending movie. We might also want to create a new mantra that will help us to conquer our fears or uncertainty. Always keep faith for a better tomorrow.

We are creatures of hope and peace; we might be on the wrong track, but we can always correct our course when we are ready. We have to put effort into doing that, nothing is ever given to us randomly.

Why not roll up our sleeves and get started? An easy life might be tempting but the price to pay is not that worthy. We can enrich our spirit when we walk on our own path, we can impact our outer condition but also the people that surround us.

We can live a new dream, being brought from the abyss of negativity to a place we would never think possible. We can let go of our traumas and to enter a place of love and peace. Nothing is ever static we are always moving and evolving.

We can try to fight the current, but we cannot escape our fate. It is up to you to decide what you want to become.