my life my spirit

lifeMy story is the story of millions of people, walking from a place of uncertainty that led me to reach my holy ground. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, what matters is where you are going. You might feel like you are spiraling down a rabbit hole but in fact you have to center yourself to bring peace within you.

Becoming an observer of your outer condition so you can assess where you are exactly. Living your emotions out of it might require you to detached yourself from your ego and let your spirit in your life.

When you can do that you are moving one step further to the exit where you currently are. It is not easy when the outer conditions are less than ideal. But it is worth the end result, letting your life become whole and complete.

Learning who you are, what kind of skills you have. What do you like or don’t and what kind of experience you would like next? Not everyone has an easy life, but we can always influence how we can improve it.

The foundation of a new life is to believe in yourself, no one can do that for you. You are the main actor in this story. Your story cannot be shared with others if you are not willing to take charge.

Nothing will ever be the same when you are walking into the unknown, you are learning to becoming your spirit. Becoming the trailblazer, you are creating the world you always wanted. Let your imagination run free will be the next step, without it you have nothing.

We are all unique, this is why we are here. Being connected with each other is one step. Expressing our individuality is needed in this world. How can we improve our world if we are not expressing our highest good?